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About Diversified Intervention Group-DIG

We are known as a trusted resource in the Mental Health and Chemical Dependency fields. DIG’s master education therapists train hundreds of interventionists and recovery coaches each year. If you are looking for training and/or certification Click Here today.
The Foundation Of Excellence

“Tentative efforts lead to tentative outcomes. Therefor give yourself fully to your endeavors. Decide to construct your character through excellent actions and determine to pay the price of a worthy goal. The trials that you will encounter will introduce you to your strengths. remain steadfast….and one day you will build something that endures; something worthy of your potential.”


History of DIG

The Diversified Intervention Group was founded in February, 2010 by Eddie Salan. You can watch his You Tube video and learn about why the organization was created and what type of people it services now. The organization has been growing steadily and consistently since its humble beginnings.

Our team of experienced clinicians spends countless hours on their education learning more about the disease of addiction as well as studying the most recent research to uncover new ways to treat the symptoms associated with the disease of alcoholism.

Diversified Intervention Group is a unique team of clinical addiction intervention professionals who are trained, certified and licensed to help your family – We are known as a trusted resource in the industry. Call today for a consultation: 855-222-1101

Helping One Family at a Time, One Day at a Time™.


Why should you hire us?
1. Our world-class Clinicians are at minimum master’s level in their education and/or experience. Simply put, we will get the job done with love and very little drama.
2. Because we understand thoroughly the psychology behind the disease of addiction and the disease of alcoholism. And more importantly the difference between the two. Our clinicians are specially trained, certified and licensed in many states.
3. We feel that everyone deserves the opportunity to live a life free from alcoholism or chemical dependency no matter what their financial status may be.

Our mission is simple: to to provide professional Prevention (education), Intervention, Aftercare & Treatment Referral services to all individuals who suffer from all addictions. No family that asks for help is ever turned away due to an inability to pay for services.

Call today for a consultation: 855-222-1101

We achieve our mission through a clinically designed program of services that include:


  • Intervention Services

The definition of an intervention is a deliberate process by which change is introduced into peoples’ thoughts, feelings and behaviors. It is utilized when all other options have been exhausted in an attempt to help an individual overcome a serious problem with alcohol abuse, opiate abuse or methamphetamine abuse.

Through a systematic process, one of our master’s level Clinicians can teach your family how to confront your loved one and get them into a treatment program.

We are specially trained in this area to guide you through the process. A specialist at Diversified Intervention Group will organize and produce effective results for you.


  • Treatment Referral Services-
    Therapeutic services are broadly available however, identifying the right treatment program for your particular situation can be a tough decision. DIG appreciates that all clients are unique and all have a unique set of circumstances and clinical needs. For this reason, we maintain a database of treatment providers (each of which is carefully vetted) that can provide various therapies for both the individual and their family system.


  • Aftercare Services– Diversified Intervention Group wants our clients and their families to have the best chance of long term peace from their suffering and has arranged a continuum of care that extends well into the future with services that include Recovery Coaching, Sober Companionship, Client Transportation/ Sober Escort and Case Management.

If you or your loved one is suffering from the disease of addiction, we are here to help –

Call today for a consultation: 855-222-1101