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Diversified Intervention Group’s Administration and Board of Directors

Angela Means, MA, MFT, Doctoral Candidate

Executive Director, Grant Writing

I live in Eugene, Oregon and have since 1988. I am a true Oregonian, living in this state for 46 years. I am the mother of four children; Brendan, 23 years, Ryan, 19 years, Paige, 14 years, and Madison, 9 years.

I graduated from the University of Oregon in 1994 with a B.S. in psychology and accounting. I entered graduate school the next month, and earned my M.A. in Marriage and Family Therapy in 1996 from Northwest Christian University. I complete a one year internship at the Lane County Juvenile Department that resulted in thirteen years of employment as a probation counselor 2. I worked extensively with families and youth involved in the juvenile justice system that exhibited drug and alcohol, family, generational, educational, and community issues, mental heath diagnoses, and serious criminal behaviors including fire setting, animal abuse, person-to-person incidents, and property crimes. I have completed numerous drug and alcohol and mental health assessments.

I began the doctoral program in Marriage and Family Therapy in May of 2010 at Northcentral University. I am in the comprehensive exam and dissertation portion of my program. I worked at the Alzheimer’s Network of Oregon (non-profit organization), located in Salem, Oregon, from June of 2012 to October of 2013. I was the Program and Volunteer Director working with those impacted by, or living with, various forms of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. I provided family counseling, obtained state grants and private funding, and completed memory screening.

I am looking forward to my work as Executive Director, and focusing on preparing federal, state, and private grants to help the organization grow and continue to provide the best services possible to those individuals impacted by drug and alcohol use and abuse. I am passionate about providing best practice therapeutic services to those reaching out for assistance.


Primary Therapist, Diversified Intervention Group

Seradan Assessments & Counseling Services Drug & Alcohol, Codependency Counselor/Therapist, and Consultant

Dan’s autobiography is as follows: What would be my ideal client? My ideal client would be either a Department of Transportation Substance Abuser or a client suffering from the disease of addiction which includes alcohol.

Either of these clients would not only truly desire treatment but would also, be ready to go the extra mile to attain sobriety. I provide professional services for the Department of Transportation both as a Substance Abuse provide professional and educational therapies but also as a counselor in Addictions, Co-Morbidity, Interventions, and Codependency.

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Dan is an accomplished substance abuse professional who has been working in the industry for 16+ years

Dan is an accomplished substance abuse professional who has been working in the industry for 16+ years

For professional addiction therapy services, call Dan today: 855-222-1101

I am a Department of Transportation Substance Abuse Professional and a licensed addiction counselor both locally and internationally. I have worked in addictions 16 years and recently completed my Master’s Degree in Pastoral and Professional counseling. This is coupled with experience gained from 16 years working with addictions/forensic clients and DOT offenders.

I do SAP work and provide educational/treatment pieces for referral sources. Over the years, I have worked in various fields that have added to my knowledge to assist my clients. A Private Investigator, Under-Cover Narcotics Agent, with CPD & Justice Department’s Caribbean Gang Task Force, a military officer, molecular geneticist, chemical reactor operator have been incorporated into my practice. I worked with addictions including codependency and co-addictions when I was first certified and later licensed. I trained under Dr. William Mock and also James R. Columbro.

For professional addiction therapy services, call Dan today: 855-222-1101

I have been in the field since 1997 and began with the establishment of SERADAN in 1998. While, at Cleveland State University, I was involved in the mapping of the genome of the Mitochondria of the Giardia, a binucleate parasitic organism. I loved doing molecular genetic research but had to grow up and turned my talents into the field of counseling. My time as the Chair for the Consumer Advisory Council to the Alcohol and Drug Services Board of Cuyahoga County was spent in making the public more aware of the true nature of addiction and the successful treatments available to the alcoholic and addict not to mention the codependents that were a result of the addiction of someone in their lives. As a council, we lobbied for better quality treatment and education for all involved.


Founder, Diversified Intervention Group

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Eddie has a gift for bringing out the tremendous potential for positive change that lies within both the individual and the family in crisis.

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He has studied the psychology behind family systems in great detail and understands the emotional and behavioral aspects of co-dependency which is usually associated with alcoholism. His expertise lies in alcoholics and addicts with a dual diagnosis situation. His degree is in pharmacology and drug interaction. Eddie was first exposed to recovery in 1986 when he was 22 yrs. old.

Eddie has a strong understanding for the clinical efficacy of treatment as well as expertise and background in business development and marketing, both domestic and international. He understands the details of private pay markets, corporate finance, strategic planning and board development. He is also the founder of a niche health business: Click Here

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He is known for his ability to motivate people to reach their goals. He greets clients on the phones lines and takes an interest in their lives and recovery from alcoholism, drug addiction and codependency issues. His job is to hand select top notch interventionists with specialized character traits, commitment to helping others, and substantial amounts of clean time, to perform interventions for DIG. In 2012, Eddie has been working to raise the bar for training Interventionists and Recovery Coaches.

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Josephine Cala, Board Member, Human Resources Director

Josephine has had a passion for helping people in one capacity or another, but specifically, for those battling the disease of substance abuse working for both non-profit and for profit organizations; first, as a Behavioral Health Technician, and then as a Human Resources Assistant, respectively.

Josephine is a Human Resources professional and a huge asset to the DIG organization today.

Currently, she is a Human Resources professional focused on solutions with a passion for Recruitment/Talent Acquisition; she has been successful at reducing agency usage from 10% of hires to less than 1% of hires; deceasing average days open from 45 days to 21 days; and reducing the number of monthly open requisitions by more than 50%. She holds an undergraduate certification in Human Resources Management with concentration in: Employment Law; Compensation and Benefits, Organizational Behavior; Business Resources, and Managing Human Resources; she is working towards a BA in Business Administration.

Josephine is passionate about people, and her mission is bringing like-minded people together to fulfill a purpose, and that is to help this organization grow, and provide individuals the help that they, so desperately seek.

DIG Board Members

Angela Means- Executive Director, MA, MFT, PhD Candidate

Edward Salan – Temp. Board President, ISPAI CI-II, NCIP, NCRC

Reed Salan – Board Member, Civil Engineer City in Redondo Beach, California

Victoria Kalmykova – Board Member, R.N. Candidate

Josephine Cala – Board Member – Human Resources