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Stress & Anxiety Disorder

We are known as one of the few trusted resources and get hundreds of calls each year from people looking for therapy for personal issues. We are happy to help your loved one today!

The Diversified Intervention Group is known as one of the few trusted resources and get hundreds of calls each year from people looking for therapy for personal issues. We are happy to help you or your loved one today!

affects millions of people in today’s modern society. The Diversified Intervention Group specializes in providing therapy and professional coaching to people like yourself who have different types of mental health disorders, problems and concerns.

DIG’s primary therapist has been treating this condition in people for more than 12 years successfully. Call us today: 800-511-2741 DIG is known as a trusted resource in both the mental health and chemical dependency industries. We can help you with your Stress and Anxiety disorder issues by connecting you or your loved one with a Master Therapist who is trained and licensed specifically to treat this debilitating condition.

Information about Social Anxiety Disorder – SAD

This is known as a fear of being humiliated and judged by other people. Many primary Therapists, like those employed by DIG, say that SAD is the second or third most prevalent psychiatric disorder treated in America today by Therapists who specialize in this field. Other disorders in the top three are depression and alcohol dependence, according to the National Instititue on Mental Health (NIMH). These statistics are taken in a National Co-morbidity Survey.

Some people have such great fear that stems from this disorder that is can actually block them from doing normal daily, social activities like attending work or school. Some sufferers may begin to use alcohol, illicit drugs or excess amounts of food to deal with these fears and in the meantime these other disorders will develop. If this sounds like your situation, call today to speak with a Master Therapist: 800-511-2741

Psychotherapy and how it relates to SAD

Psychotherapy, antidepressants and benzodiazepines are different ways used to treat SAD and Stress & Anxiety Disorders. Although current research does not clearly show which one of those will work best on which kind of patient. Experts say that there is no rational basis for prescribing one treatment over another. There is much more research that needs to be done in this specialized area of medicine and psychotherapy and advances are being made each year.

Brain imaging is now being more widely used as doctors are looking for markers that show highlighted areas of brain activity. This brain imaging could identify neuromarkers or targeted areas of the brain that could one day optimize treatment for individual patients. Neuromarkers are being used in other areas of mental illness, for instance, to predict the onset of psychosis in schizophrenia and the likelihood of relapse in drug addiction. The advances in medicine will one day help to cure this common disorder. Call us today at 800-511-2741 for immediate help

More info about Stress & Anxiety disorders

We all experience stress and anxiety at one time or another in our daily routines. Many times, the difference between them is that a stress event is a response to a threat in a situation. An anxiety event is a reaction to the stress and it is all in one’s perception of how the event occurs. Most people say that stress interferes with daily life and that it can be very debilitating if not addressed properly with effective treatments.

Diversified Intervention Group has Clinical Psychologists and Master Therapists on staff to help your loved one relieve the symptoms of stress and anxiety and the disorders associated with them. Call us today at 800-511-2741 for immediate help. We help hundreds of families each year and we can help your loved one too. Call today.

Symptoms associated with Stress & Anxiety disorders

In many sufferer’s cases, many symptoms of chronic stress can effect the person’s health, causing symptoms that range from a splitting headache, hypertension, and chest pain to extreme heart palpitations, severe skin rashes, and much loss of continuous sleep.

According to The Anxiety and Depression Association of America, people who suffer from this disorder will feel tension and a sense of not being able to “handle” common life situations that others not suffering from this disorder would be able to get through comfortably. These people will also “promote” the worst possible outcome from any given situation when speaking with family members, co-workers or close friends. They basically make mountains out of molehills to put it into simple terms for you.

Common symptoms of this disorder will also make a person overly concerned about work, family issues and money to the point where they will, in many situations, anticipate disaster happening and even go as far as to make inappropriate adjustments to their lives in response to heavy symptoms of stress and anxiety disorders. This disorder is diagnosed when these symptoms persist for a period of 6 months and show no signs of ending. That is a pretty good indicator of a positive diagnosis. On a bad day, just the thought of having to get through a normal day will create anxiety and unnecessary stress.

The “worry cycle” feels out of a person’s control even though in their mind, they are able to rationalize that they are making more out of the situation than the situation actually warrants. If this sounds like you or your loved one, then call us today and ask for professional help: 800-511-2741. Therapy really does work if the person gives it an honest effort. Call today!

Some simple ideas to relieve Stress & Anxiety Disorders

Try the following:

•Yoga- Try some simple body stretching exercises

•Simple Breathing Exercises- Call today and we guide you through simple techniques

•Meditation- Call now and we can help you to get started

•Get a professional Therapist- This one is a no-brainer!

Learn more about our Primary Therapist – Dan White

Dan is an accomplished professional therapist who has been working in the industry for 16+ years

Dan is an accomplished professional therapist who has been working in the industry for 16+ years

Dan White is considered a master therapist by all of his colleagues. He is a kind and gentle man who has spent many, years on his education. Dan is currently married. When you call our hotline Mr. White will be the first person that you talk to. He is happy to accept your questions about professional therapy.

Dan’s autobiography is as follows:

What would be my ideal client? My ideal client would be either a Department of Transportation Substance Abuser or a client suffering from the disease of addiction which includes alcohol. Either of these clients would not only truly desire treatment but would also, be ready to go the extra mile to attain sobriety. I Provide professional services for the Department of Transportation both as a Substance Abuse provide professional and educational therapies but also as a counselor in Addictions, Co-Morbidity, Interventions, and Codependency. I am a Department of Transportation Substance Abuse Professional and a licensed addiction counselor both locally and internationally.

I have worked in addictions 16 years and recently completed my Master’s Degree in Pastoral and Professional counseling. Coupled with experience gained from 16 years working with addictions/forensic clients and DOT offenders. I do SAP work and provide educational/treatment pieces for referral sources. Over the years, I have worked in various fields that have added to my knowledge to assist my clients. A Private Investigator, Under-Cover Narcotics Agent, with CPD & Justice Department’s Caribbean Gang Task Force, a military officer, molecular geneticist, chemical reactor operator have been incorporated into my practice.

I worked with addictions including codependency and co-addictions when I was first certified and later licensed. I trained under Dr. William Mock and also James R. Columbro. I have been in the field since 1997 and began with the establishment of SERADAN in 1998.

While, at Cleveland State University, I was involved in the mapping of the genome of the Mitochondria of the Giardia, a binucleate parasitic organism. I loved doing molecular genetical research but had to grow up and turned my talents into the field of counseling.

My time as the Chair for the Consumer Advisory Council to the Alcohol and Drug Services Board of Cuyahoga County was spent in making the public more aware of the true nature of addiction and the successful treatments available to the alcoholic and addict not to mention the codependents that were a result of the addiction of someone in their lives. As a council, we lobbied for better quality treatment and education for all involved.

If you would like to reach Dan for therapist services: 800-511-2741

Diversified Intervention Group has been referring calls to Mr. White for quite a while. Anxiety and Stress disorders paralyze some people emotionally and usually close family members are the ones who will suffer. We can help your family to get some peace! Call today.