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Signs of Alcoholism

Here we talk about some of the typical things to look for if you think that you might know someone with the disease of alcoholism. If your concerns are relating to a co-worker, close friend or family member who is abusing alcohol, then please read on.

If you feel that the person you are concerned about may need a professionally facilitated addiction intervention, then please call 541-279-5326 immediately and we will guide you through the process. Are you looking for alcoholism DUI Classes? Then Click Here

Here are some of the signs of Alcoholism:

Alcoholism is also referred to by experts as alcohol dependence, but most experts will make a distinction between the two terms, depending on who you talk to. People who have been diagnosed by a proper professional to have alcoholism have little ability to set limits on their drinking once they begin, if any. On the other hand, alcohol abusers have may still have some ability to do so.

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If you have a close friend of loved one who may need an intervention, call 855-222-1101 immediately and we can help you to get started with the process. Are you looking for alcoholism DUI Classes? Then Click Here

Here are the differences between alcoholism and alcohol abuse:

It is important to know that not all people who drink alcohol become alcoholics. Some people are genetically available to become alcoholic because of family history. Other people use alcohol and become dependent simply because they are trying to change the way they feel because of the following factors:

  1. A stressful change in their life
  2. The breakup of a relationship recently
  3. A retirement from a job of many years
  4. Some other traumatic experience in that person’s life
With some people, alcoholism will develop very slowly over many years as that person’s tolerance to alcohol increases. Some people it takes a short amount of time and some people it takes years to develop. When a person binge drinks regularly, the risks of developing alcoholism are much greater.
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Lets talk about the Signs of Alcoholism:

  • Drinking to De-Stress: Many people develop a drinking problem because they are trying to “relax” from work and decrease stress. Alcohol is a sedative drug, and the more a person uses it, the more it takes to feel the same effect. It is generally a very slow process that creeps up on a person without the person really realizing it. Family members ALWAYS see the signs faster than the person who is using the alcohol. Many times, people will get drunk after a long day at work or a stressful event happens and the person will justify the action by saying “I had a hard day”, or “I deserve it”.

  • Repeatedly Neglecting Responsibilities: Eventually the effects of alcohol will cause the excessive user to begin neglecting responsibilities in the personal life, at school or at work. Failing grades in all areas will soon result. Poor performance at work, being reprimanded by the boss are pretty good indicators. Neglecting one’s responsibilities over and over again are a solid indicator. Why does this happen? Because of being hung over after a bender.

  • Alcohol Use in Dangerous Situations: There are a few situations for us to talk about: drinking after using prescription medication against the medical advice of your doctor, operating any kind of machinery after drinking, or drinking and driving and arguing with a spouse that “I am okay to drive”. That is a very common situation and the person will even get mean and rude with a spouse to “prove” his or her point, damaging the relationship even further.

  • Legal Problems Due to Drinking: These would include the following scenarios: getting arrested for drunk in public, drunk and disorderly, getting arrested (more than once) for fighting, domestic disputes with a spouse, or DUI (driving under the influence).

  • Continuing to Drink Despite Relationship Problems: It comes to a point with a person’s drinking where alcohol begins causing or making small problems become large with friends, family and the person will still continue to drink. Typical examples that are reported frequently: fighting with family members because they do not like how a person acts when they are drunk or going out drinking with “friends” even though the wife or girlfriend will not be happy.

Alcohol abuse is a pattern of drinking that results in harm to one’s health, interpersonal relationships, or ability to work. Are you looking for alcoholism DUI Classes? Then Click Here

If you have a close friend of loved one who may need an intervention, call 855-222-1101 immediately and we can help you to get started with the process.

Why do people choose alcohol to cope?

The signs of alcohol abuse may not always become apparent to close family members until the disease has taken a good hold on the individual abusing the alcohol. Alcoholics typically hide their alcohol. It is true though that most close family members of severe alcoholics report to us in the pre-intervention process that when intoxicated, they become belligerent or bellicose, meaning “of warlike character; aggressively hostile”. This is not something that an intoxicated alcoholic is able to control. This feature of an alcoholic’s personality is the hallmark symptom that his or her drinking has gotten out of control and that the person no longer has control of the alcohol.

People choose alcohol to cope with life’s situations for two reasons: 1. Because the alcoholism gene was passed through to them via heredity; or 2. The person is trying to change the way he or she feels, possibly because of some underlying mental health condition whether properly diagnosed or not.

How can we help your family w the Signs of Alcoholism?

We are professional educators and we teach hundreds of students and family members like you each year about the signs of alcoholism and what the characteristics of the disease look like. More importantly, we can teach you ways to begin to stop the ugly cycle that you are living in now and have been for some time. We can help you to recognize serious signs of alcoholism easily. The disease of alcoholism has specific signs that are common with most people and some that are not common. Give our Therapist a chance to help your family now.

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