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If you are reading this page because you are looking for an Alcohol Rehab Center for a friend or loved one, we have put together some current information to give you some good information.

In the United States, there are so many Alcohol Rehab Centers and facilities. They are located today in just about every city and in most counties. If you search Google.com, you will find literally millions and millions of options.

If you think that you need an intervention for your family member, please call: 855-222-1101

A typical Alcohol Rehabilitation Center in Santa Barbara, California will house approximately 4-90 people who are in treatment. Some facilities will have very expensive private rooms for those who can afford them. Many people who get to the point in their addiction to alcohol and drugs have lost many of the resources, including a job and the medical insurance benefits that accompany gainful employment. When an alcoholic loses medical benefits due to his or her alcoholism, he or she will need to seek help from professionals at an Alcohol Rehab Center.

If think that we can help you start an intervention process for your family member,please call: 855-222-1101

It is suggested here that you think about doing a great amount of research in looking for a Rehab Center. Most people in their first time to an Alcohol Rehab Center will stay for 30 days, which those of us professionals in this industry refer to as a “30 day spin-dry”. That is a slang term for a quickie exposure to recovery without really being in “recovery”.

Some Alcohol Rehab Centers follow the 12-step protocol of Alcoholics Anonymous, and some follow their “own” models. Call 855-222-1101 today for intervention help.

Free Resources for Alcohol Rehab Centers

The Salvation Army has a commitment to providing very low-cost or free in many states and provides an Alcohol Rehab Center to alcoholics and addicts who do not have the family resources to pay. The Salvation Army has been in the business for many years of helping folks with substance abuse problems, and they specialize mainly in folks who can not pay. The Salvation Army’s Adult Recovery Centers (ARC) are available and open to all people who are in need of such services.

The criteria for entry into the simple program are:

  • Being sober and not needing detox at the time of admission
  • Willing to participate in a regular work program within the organization
  • Willing to participate in a Christian Evangelical form of recovery

The Salvation Army’s Alcohol Rehab Center‘s therapy is work-focused. It is believed that through a solid, daily work program, addicts and alcoholics will re-gain a great sense of responsibility, employment skills, and social and intra-personal life skills once again to be able to relate to people fluently. Addiction typically ends in a person becoming very much of a recluse. At The Salvation Army work is mandatory for a person to be able to continue in the program.

If you think that you need an intervention for your family member, please call: 855-222-1101

Treatments at The Salvation Army typically last from 2-8 months. They will provide all accommodations, all food, some clothing, and religious training materials. The best part of this program is that job training is free of charge to all successful participants that complete the program.