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Alcoholism Treatment begins with a professionally-led, professionally-trained, skilled interventionist like the Clinicians employed by The Diversified Intervention Group (DIG). We are considered in the industry to be a trusted resource.

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Vivitrol as an Alcoholism Treatment

Vivitrol (naltrexone for extended- release injectable suspension), or Naltrexone (nal trex’ one) is a newer drug that has just come into the public eye in the last few years. It is used in conjunction with drug and alcohol counseling and social (family) support to help alcoholics who have stopped drinking to prevent them from getting a “high” feeling if they decide to drink while using the drug, severely decreasing the need for more alcohol.

We have seen popularity growing for this new Alcoholism Treatment but it works best on persons who truly have the desire to want to quit drinking or using opiates like heroin and Oxycontin or Vicodin. Your doctor may not give you Vivitrol if you have liver disease due to adverse side effects.

You can read more about Vivitrol on their official website. If you need an interventionist, we can help!….. call Toll Free: 855-222-1101

More about Naltrexone

Naltrexone is sold as an IM (intramuscular) injection liquid. It has a preferred method of delivery in the buttocks area once very thirty (30) days. The best part about this particular method of delivery is that unlike the pill form of other similar drugs, it can not be “cheeked”. Cheeked is a slang term for hiding a pill or pills in one’s cheek or under the tongue when a nurse or health care provider asks you to show her that you have actually swallowed the medication. Many addicts will do that and save or sell their medication(s) or trade them for more potent drugs like heroin or Oxycontin. This is a common practice among alcoholics and addicts as they are typically very sneaky and many times downright deceiving to anyone they come into contact with as the addiction progresses.

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More and more teenage alcoholics need Alcoholism Treatment in recent years. Alcoholism is a progressive brain disease in which a person does not know when to stop drinking even though sometimes bad things happen i.e. DWI (drinking while intoxicated), major social problems with family or employment etc. etc. Progressive disease means that it will always get worse, never better. It takes some families & the alcoholics in them many years in some cases to get to the point where Alcoholism Treatment is needed.If you need an interventionist, we can help!….. call Toll Free: 855-222-1101

More information about Alcoholism Treatment

One of the most important jobs of a Clinician at the Diversified Intervention Group is to refer you to the best Alcoholsim Treatment facilities. It is our job to know which facilities give families like yours the best value for your money. This industry, like others in our society today has produced many unscrupulous people whose motavtions are not in your family’s bet interest. DIG is a trusted resource in the industry. Call us today for correct information.