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Prevention and Wellness

is very much needed in today’s schools, colleges, communities, youth groups, clinics and homes. On this page we address this critical topic.

Prevention Plus Wellness for Youth and Young Adults

Helping professionals learn about the disease of addiction is our business

Helping professionals learn about the disease of addiction is our business
The Diversified Intervention Group is well-known as a trusted professional resource in both the chemical dependency and mental health fields. We train dozens of new Interventionists and Recovery Coaches each year. DIG is proud to announce the warm welcoming of strategic partnership with PreventionPLUSWellness (formerly Brief Programs for Health). PreventionPLUSWellness provides positive-image, evidence-based programs for youth and young adults.

Why include wellness with prevention?

Recent national data from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention on adolescent health behaviors show:

* Only 29% of adolescents are physically active for 60 minutes every day

* 46% are trying to lose weight

* Only 38% ate breakfast every day

* Only 15% ate vegetables and 22% ate fruit 3 or more times a day

* 71% tried and 39% currently drink alcohol

* Over 1 in 5 currently binge drink alcohol

* 40% tried and 23% currently use marijuana

* 45% tried and 18% currently smoke cigarettes

These data indicate the need for programs than connect the prevention of alcohol, tobacco and drug abuse with targeting health promoting and wellness habits like physical activity, sports participation, healthy eating, sleep, and stress management to increase the positive development of youth.

For more information on the need for prevention with wellness, please call: (904) 472-5022 or visit our website at: www.preventionpluswellness.com

We offer a range of training options for integrating prevention and wellness

We offer three types of training for health, education and fitness teachers, coaches, trainers, nurses, counselors, youth and peer leaders, and other professionals. First, we provide convenient orientation webinar training with the purchase of SPORT and InShape program materials. Second, we offer on-line webinar and on-site

workshop training for those interested in becoming certified SPORT, InShape, Motivational Coaching Program (MCP), or In God’s Image (IGI) coaches/teachers. Third, we offer on-site workshops to become certified trainers to trainer others on how to implement our programs. Contact our office for more details and to schedule your training.

Webinar Orientation Training Goal

Provide an overview of the key components of and steps for implementing our brief evidence-based motivational interventions.

Certified Coach/Teacher

Program Implementation Webinar or Workshop Training Goal

Provide an opportunity to gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to effectively implement our programs with fidelity.

Certified Trainer

Training of Trainer’s Workshop Goal

Provide an opportunity to gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to effectively provide our Program Implementation Training under contract with PreventionPLUSWellness.

For more information on our training options for integrating prevention with wellness, please call: (904) 472-5022 or visit our website at: www.preventionpluswellness.com

Why choose brief motivational interventions that integrate prevention with wellness?

* The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention cites that adolescents and young adults engage in multiple risk behaviors.

* Health risk behaviors that contribute to the leading causes of illness, injury, and early death are often established during adolescence and young adulthood, are interrelated, share common determinants, and are preventable.

* Both the World Health Organization and the U.S. Institute of Medicine have stated that using brief motivational interventions are effective for improving health.

* Programs that influence a number of health and fitness behaviors have the potential advantage of being more cost-effective and readily adopted by health clinics, schools, universities, parents, worksites, and communities than those addressing single behaviors.

* Programs limited to risk behaviors like substance abuse are perceived by young people as negative and less interesting, and therefore suffer from a lack of participation more so than those targeting health promoting behaviors and positive images.

* Brief interventions that integrate health promotion and drug prevention messages can better enhance youth development goals like health, fitness, academic achievement, positive self-identity, self-regulation skills and personal success.

* The development of efficacious evidence-based programs impacting multiple health behaviors like SPORT©, InShape©, Motivational Coaching Program (MCP)©, and In God’s Image (IGI)© could significantly improve the nation’s public health, while spanning a critical gap in our scientific knowledge.

For more information on why you should choose interventions that integrate prevention and wellness, please call: (904) 472-5022 or visit our website at: www.preventionpluswellness.com

What are the advantages of programs that connect prevention and wellness?

SPORT© and InShape© are nationally recognized by SAMHSA’s National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices (NREPP). Both programs are evidence-based single session brief motivational interventions integrating physical activity and other health promoting content with substance abuse prevention messages. SPORT© and InShape© are strengths-based interventions using brief communication to cue naturally motivating positive social and future images increasing self-regulation habits to set and monitor multiple behaviors resulting in positive positive behavior and self-identity changes among youth and young adults.

Brief motivational interventions w teens at school

Brief motivational interventions w teens at school

Innovative Brief Interventions with Multiple Advantages

* Evidence and theory-based and effective

* Implemented in a single session

* Includes parent intervention (SPORT)

* Can be re-administered as a booster

* Targets multiple health habits and positive images of youth

* Increases multiple behavior goal setting skills and positive self-identity

* Can be used alone or with other programs

* Implemented one-on-one or in a group

* Easily implemented using scripted protocols and directions

* Includes orientation training and program support

* Includes 5 youth booklets

* Includes CD of reproducible materials

Unlike other health promotion and prevention programs that focus on only one health habit at a time, can take weeks or months to implement, and require intensive and costly monitoring to implement, both SPORT© and InShape© cost-effectively address multiple behaviors known to influence youth health and fitness, and use strategies that can be implemented easily and with fidelity.

Compared to other prevention and health interventions, SPORT© and In Shape© are relatively simple, fully-contained programs including scripted intervention materials and protocols to ensure the highest quality implementation and replicability across settings. SPORT© and InShape© include materials for marketing the program, implementing the intervention strategies, and evaluating implementation quality and behavioral outcomes.

SPORT© has been implemented throughout the US in numerous clinical, school, youth organization and community settings with diverse youth populations, while InShape© and has been implemented in various college and community settings in the US.

For more information about SPORT© and InShape© and our other prevention plus wellness programs for youth and young adults, please call: (904) 472-5022 or visit our website at: www.preventionpluswellness.com