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will often lie about the fact that they have the disease of alcoholism. The family members of alcoholics will be the first to make note that there could be a problem. Alcoholics are the last to come to terms with the fact that they do have the disease of alcoholism.

Alcoholism is one of the few diseases that you really have to try hard to convince a person that they have! The irony is that most alcoholics are the last to accept the facts.

Diversified Intervention Group is known as a trusted resource in this industry. We are known to have good ethics, a solid work ethic and to have excellent resources to serve just about any type of family need in this area. Call us today toll free for more information. We can help your family: 855-222-1101.

The many parts of an Alcoholic’s disease are:

  • The obsession-the mental part of the disease that requires a person to keep having endless thoughts of using more of the drug
  • The compulsion-the physical part of the disease that makes a person want to keep using the drug despite the consequences
  • The spiritual part- the denial of the disease

Getting the disease of Acoholism under control

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For many alcoholics and addicts, getting the obsession, compulsion and spiritual parts of one’s disease all into equal levels in one’s life are many times difficult. Think of it like 3 piles of sand. The objective for a recovering person is to try to keep those piles all equal and level. This is where a DIG certified Recovery Coach can help your family.

There really is much more to recovery than just the three items outlined above but those are a good place to start with. DIG is a trusted-resource in this industry and we understand how hard it is for people to get recovery under their belt successfully.

Characteristics of Alcoholics

Alcoholics are very critical of other people and their opinions. Alcoholics are more times than not violent after an excessive drinking episode. Alcoholics love to procrastinate recovery and working the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. Alcoholics will typically use every excuse that they can think of to get out of having to do real work when it comes to recovery unless they have been devastated by the alcoholism so badly that they experienced a life-changing event.

This is where a professionally-trained and certified DIG Recovery Coach and/or DIG Case Manager can help your loved one. Maybe your family will need a Therapist? DIG is known as a trusted resource in the industry so feel free to ask us any question you may have.

Alcoholics will go to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, but when they are very new, just attend the meetings but are not very inclined to tackle the “leg work” that needs to be done on self and past issues to service current recovery.

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Alcoholics have developed other addictions

In today’s complex addiction world, many people who use to attend Alcoholics Anonymous for simply alcoholism also have:

  • Dual Diagnosis
  • Multiple addictions

So there are not only chemical dependencies going on with more than one chemical other than alcohol but also mental health conditions such as Bi-polarism, major depressions, schitzophrenia etc. to go along with chemical addictions.

It use to be back in the 70’s that people going to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings only went primarily for problems with alcohol. Today, in 2013, Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are filled with people who have multiple addictions to many different substances, designer drugs, meth, Cocaine, Heroin etc, etc.

Some people prefer Narcotics Anonymous. The difference between Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous is that NA focuses on the disease of addiction as a whole whereas AA’s focus is on alcoholism. Now some people think it is all the same and some people disagree on this point.

What does the disease of addiction include?

The disease of addiction can manifest itself in many different areas: drugs, alcohol, sex, toabcco, shopping, eating, internet, gambling etc. etc.

DIG is known as a tusted-resource in the industry and can help your family easily with any of the addictions listed above. Call today: 855-222-1101