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If you have any questions, comments of concerns having to do with the general daily operations of The Diversified Intervention Group call Toll Free: 855-222-1101.
Please leave a message. If you would like to email us, please use the email address digspecialist@hotmail.com and we will answer you shortly. We enjoy talking with different people and helping them with solutions to their problems whether it be alcohol-related or something else that falls under the mental or behavioral health area.

We get many calls from all over The United States every day so please leave a message and wait for our admin people to call you back. Many people call us for alcohol-related problems.

Do you need to complete Community Service hours? Then please go to our Community & Volunteer Service Page. We will be happy to help you get your court-ordered Community Service hours completed fast through our system.

Thank you,

DIG Administrators

If you are looking for information on Online Community Service options please call 541-279-5326 today.