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comes in many different forms depending on what drug(s) a person has been taking. The term”detox” is short for detoxification. It is a short process that alcoholics and addicts go through when they either run out of chemicals or reach a point where they have had “enough”. Detoxification, may it be real or perceived, refers to removing toxic substances from one’s body. In some addicts this process takes longer then others. Intervention will initiate the process of detox.

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Detox and the different ways people free themselves from chemicals

Detox occurs in many different ways depending on the person’s drug of choice. Many folks today use multiple chemical sources. Two of the most common groups of chemicals are Opioids or drugs used to control pain and stimulants which include drugs like Cocaine, Methamphetamine (Meth) and crack.

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Methods for Detox

Some detoxes can be 100% natural. A 100% detoxification process can include many fresh, colorful vegetables. Items that should not be in a detox are things like: processed foods, anything frozen, anything that comes in a can or box. Those items usually hold very little of the nutritional value needed to replenish a person’s body after being bombarded with an illicit chemical assault.

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Some basic ideas to help get through a medical Detox

  • Drink lots of fresh water
  • Make a fresh fruit smoothie to replenish vitamins
  • Take a hot bath

The above items will help you to feel better especially in the first few days/weeks after a major detox.

If you want to learn more about detox and organic products & herbs, please Click Here

Different drug(s) of choice and Detox

Alcohol is a drug. An alcohol detox with an alcoholic can be very dangerous, medically speaking. The same goes with a class of drugs know as Benzodiazepines, or “Benzos” as they are know on the street in druggie circles. Some addicts today will mix alcohol and “Benzos” for an enhanced effect. A drug user whose addiction has advanced to this point is putting himself or herself into grave danger when mixing these classes of drugs and then attempting a detox without being medically supervised.

Other drugs like Cocaine or  Meth (Methamphetamine), which are in the class of drugs called Stimulants, are also dangerous, but the detox generally does not need to be as closely medically supervised as the ones listed above. A person can typically sleep off this type of detox. A person using stimulants will eat and then go right to sleep and continue that cycle for a number of days until the drug wears off.