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Alcohol Detox

is known by Alcoholics Anonymous as the time period when an alcoholic has “hit bottom” and is ready to clean his or her system to be free from alcohol. This usually occurs when a person has become so tired of the daily cycle that they ask for help. Or the person’s immune system gets so saturated with alcohol the person ends up in the local Emergency Room. Sometimes, the family members and friends will be the first ones to notice that a problem with alcohol and its excessive consumption may exist.

We help families become whole again

DIG helps families become whole again
When your family gets to the point described above, DIG can and will produce a successful intervention for you. Call 855-222-1101. We are known as a trusted resource in this highly-specialized industry. An alcoholic detox can be dangerous, medically speaking.

The reason for this is because abrupt cessation of alcohol intake sends the body into shock in almost all cases. This process is just the start of the detox. One class of drugs called Benzodiazepines or “Benzos” have very similar effects on a person as does alcohol.

Other drugs and Alcohol Detox

Doctors many times prescribe certain forms of Benzodiazepines for the alcohol detox process, but this is always in a controlled hospital or residential setting. These drugs make this dangerous alcohol detox much less severe and will help the patient to sleep.

DIG can surely help your family with an intervention today. There are many crucial steps that go into a successful intervention process before an alcoholic detox. All of which will be outlined for you in the pre-intervention process. Think of an intervention like painting your house: you would not just walk up to it and start applying paint without proper preparation. The same goes for an intervention process.

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Alcohol detox and the intervention process

Intervention is a delicate process and in an ideal setting, should be done by a trained professional. Diversified Intervention Group trains hundreds of new interventionists each year and it known as a trusted resource by other Clinicians who have practiced in this industry for many years.

An intervention process is usually the precursor to an alcohol detox.