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Detox From Alcohol

can be very dangerous. Most people who must go through a detox from alcohol must do it in a medical setting. A detox from alcohol can really be hard on a person who has been consuming large amounts of alcohol every day for many months in a row. This is why we always suggest a medically-managed detox from alcohol for families who come to us and ask for help.

Helping families learn about the disease of addiction is our business

Helping families learn about the disease of addiction is our business
DIG is known as trusted resource and trains hundreds of new interventionists around the country each year. We have many resources and can help your family arrange a successful family intervention. It would be an honor for us to help your loved one onto the road to recovery. Call 855-222-1101 and leave a message today.

Steps to take to Detox from Alcohol

1. Please talk with your doctor before beginning any detox. If you dont know of a competent doctor who specializes in addictions, then call us and we have one on our Board of Directors who will help. Our doctor can possibly prescribe medicine to make this process easier, but only if he deems your loved one to not need a medically-supervised detox from alcohol as described above.

If the person is in a similar situation as described above, it is not recommended for him or her to stop drinking all of a sudden! This is the most dangerous method.

2. Plan with close friends and family members before beginning any detox. Emotional and psychological support from close family members is vital to an alcoholic’s success. Even have one person who can stay by the alcoholic’s side 24/7 just in case medical attention is needed.

3. Drink as many fluids as possible to dilute the alcohol in the liver and re-hydrate the system. This step is very important!

4. Try and eat some light proteins such as fish, poultry and chicken soup. This will give the person’s body some sustenance and nutrition while the liver is being cleaned out.

5. Please take some basic vitamins & minerals. Vitamins B, C, Magnesium, Potassium and Calcium are the basic ones that massive amounts of alcohol will deplete from the body.

6. Try to stay away from excess amounts of Caffeine and tobacco. Many alcoholics double up on these substances when they are newly abstinent to “switch addictions”. This is just as bad for the body as the alcohol was in many cases.

Things you may need to Detox From Alcohol

  • Calcium Supplement
  • Magnesium Supplement
  • Alkaline Foods
  • Water
  • Fruit and Vegetable Juice
  • Tea and Soup
  • Vitamins B and C

We hope that this page has given you some great ideas to help your loved one. But please remember it is always smart to consult with an M.D. before starting any detox from alcohol. DIG is known as trusted resource in this specialized line of work. We have an M.D. available to speak with your family if you feel it is appropriate. Just call us today on: 855-222-1101