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Diversified Intervention Group’s Main Fundraising Page

Today we are always looking for new and different ways to raise capital to serve the hundreds of families that call us for all types of intervention services for compulsive behavior. This page is the beginning of that effort. We currently provide 100% free therapy to family members who call our nationwide hotline. Call today when you need to speak with a therapist. 855-222-1101

What is the definition of a charity?

The California Attorney General’s website defines a charity in the following manner: “If the organization is classified as a California nonprofit public benefit corporation or has received federal tax exemption under Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(3), it is a charity”. Diversified Intervention Group’s Federal Tax ID # is: 27-3513842.

Under the traditional common law definition, charitable purposes include relief from poverty, advancement of education, religion and other purposes beneficial to the community. DIG’s mission is consistent with those. Under the federal tax law definition and to qualify for tax-exempt charitable status, the organization must be organized and operated exclusively for an “exempt” purpose. We meet that definition 100%. Please keep reading below and watch our video explaining why DIG was created.

DIG Executive Director

Diversified Intervention Group’s Executive Director
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In late 2011, we applied for, and were awarded a perpetual monthly grant from Google.com. Google awarded us with a very large grant for advertising. It is because of that opportunity, over the last 2 and 1/2 years, we have built a pretty strong referral source of people calling us from all over the country asking for all kinds of help from alcohol interventions to drug interventions to opiate interventions to codependency therapy to therapy for stress and anxiety disorder and everything in between those. Those areas are the areas that we specialize in when assisting folks. We have created a solid network across The United States of therapists who specialize in all types of mental health disorders and we refer callers to them every day.

We help families to heal. We provide hope of a better life.

We help families to heal. We provide hope of a better life.

How many calls do we get for help..?

In any given month, we will receive between 45-62 calls for help. Some days we will have 5-9 calls of people asking for help in just one day. Most of them are calling because they think we are a “free” service. No caller is ever turned away for help. In fact, we spend sometimes 30-45 minutes with any given caller listening to their story, and then offering them multiple different solutions for the problem at hand. Many of these people are very grateful that someone was just there for them to listen and offer solutions to the problems at hand. This is what makes DIG different from the rest and a unique business model.

Why do we Fundraise..?

The answer is simple! We fundraise to be able to keep answering the phone and giving people hope. Hope is a very big thing when you are having the shakes and physically sweating with a condition known as Stress and Anxiety Disorder (SAD). Many of the callers that call us are obviously in a depressive state and need to speak to someone who can just listen to them with compassion and humility. We need your help to fundraise. If you donated one dollar to our foundation and asked 100 friends to do the same through social media sharing, we could keep our phone lines open for at least 20-30 more callers easily. If you donated five dollars to our foundation, and asked 100 friends to do the same through social media sharing, we could keep our phone lines open for at least 100-150 more callers easily. So please consider spreading our message of hope and healing to your friends via social media.

How can you help..?

Do you have a philanthropic spirit? Have you had some good fortune lately and feel like you would like to “give back”..? Those are the kind of people that we are seeking. We need help and support from corporations, leaders of bigger companies and individuals like you who have the desire to offer financial help to a solid organization that actually helps many people day-to-day. Current programs that you can help to support:

  • Families who need drug and/or alcohol interventions
  • Callers looking for counseling for Codependency
  • People who work in the chemical dependency industry who wish to take our educational trainings

You can easily donate by clicking the link below:

The owners if Diversified Intervention Group very much appreciate your donation. We promise that it will be used for the intended purpose to help many more families in need, veterans and low-income women and minorities.

Other ways to donate to DIG

If you wish to donate to us in other ways, we always need help with general office duties. We do need help contacting physician’s offices to let them know about our services on a nationwide basis. We need help from people who are not shy to ask other people (part clients etc) for donations and contributions. It does not matter what state you live in or what city or county you live in, we can always find something for you to help us with. Please call 541-279-5326 and leave your name and best contact number and we will contact you within 24 hours. Thank you in advance for your offer to help. It is very much appreciated.