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The first step toward recovery from alcohol or drug addiction is admitting there is a problem – you don’t need to admit it to anyone but yourself. The next step is to ask for help.

If your family does need professional intervention service call toll free: 855-222-1101

Reaching out to Diversified Intervention Group™ will probably be the best thing you could do for yourself right now. Our caring and empathic team of addiction treatment professionals understand the difficulties you face, and will be with you every step of the way – we are caring, empathic and professional. We respect your privacy and everything we do for you is entirely confidential.

Do you need financial assistance? We have arranged a treatment specific loan program with a third party loan company – please click here for more information.

Why use Diversified Intervention Group?

The simple answer is because we care – Here are some more reasons why Diversified Intervention Group is the right choice for you:

» Financial Aid is available for those families who qualify
Wells Fargo Bank and other institutions provide us with grants to be able to offer partial scholarships to families. For families who need our services and have a good credit rating, please check out our finance page to pay for intervention, treatment and aftercare services.

» World-Class Interventionists
All of the Clinicians that you will meet from DIG and be working with have been screened by our Executive Staff to have their proper credentials in order. Our interventionists are trained in more than one model of intervention and will custom fit a package depending on your family’s specific needs.

» Your Service Fees are Tax Deductible
The Service Fee that is charged to your family (whatever that amount may be) is 100% Tax Deductible which may appeal to some families.

» Affordable Intervention & Aftercare Services
Since we are a public-benefit corporation organized specifically to help those families in need and not-for-profit, we are able to provide above-average clinicians trained specifically to perform all models of intervention. We attempt to help as many families as we possibly can with one grant amount received. DIG operates its day-to-day operations under a Pay It Forward model to achieve this goal.