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Give to help those with Eating Disorders

How your gift makes a difference

DIG is a preferred partner at Guidestar.org

DIG is a preferred partner at Guidestar.org
Eating Disorders tear families apart every day and we need your help to fight against this battle. Do you know someone in your past who has struggled with any of these issues? If you do, then you understand our passion for how much time and effort it takes to fight these debilitating problems.

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We are known as a trusted resource in our field of expertise.

Why donate to help people with Eating Disorders? Did you know:

  • It is estimated that 7 million women and approximately one million men…all of which are Americans today have Eating Disorders
  • An estimated 10%-15% of all people diagnosed with anorexia or bulimia are men
  • Out of 100 Americans, 2-3 of women will suffer from bulimia
  • The cost of outpatient treatment can well exceed $100,000
  • Half (50%) of young girls in the age range of 11-13 today see themselves as overweight
  • The age range of girls 12-25 years old makes up 95% of those who see themselves as over weight

So, as you can see this is not only a difficult problem, but an expensive one to treat properly as well.

How can you help?

By donating, you can help provide hope and healing to other individuals and families who need effective family Eating Disorder intervention services but are less-fortunate or are in under-served areas.

Gifts from generous donors provide financial assistance for:

  • Scholarships for families less fortunate
  • Youth Eating Disorder addiction education
  • Addiction prevention counseling for people with Eating Disorders
  • Family education on Eating Disorders
  • and general operating support

Who we are

The Diversified Intervention Group is a 501 (c) 3 public-benefit, philanthropic organization. The foundation seeks funds through individual private donors and private corporations. Your kind donations help subsidize Eating Disorder intervention services, therapy services for Eating Disorders as well as professional treatment referral services for these difficult problems. DIG is known as a trusted resource when it comes to all types of addiction services.

Why we do we practice intervention?

DIG practices intervention daily. Intervention is a practice just like medicine. We take great pride in serving the general public with our services. Our mission is to provide professional family Eating Disorder intervention services to men and women of all ages across all ethnicities including the gay communities and special needs persons.

How we do our job

In response to this mission, our interventionists have taken the necessary training to understand the underlying causes of why the service of Eating Disorder intervention services are needed. We are professionally-trained, certified and licensed Clinicians who follow a strict Code of Ethics developed by ISPAI – The International Society of Professional Addiction Interventionists.

All payments and donations to Diversified Intervention Group are processed through Paypal’s secure technology

Your donation will make a difference in the life of a family who is suffering.

Ways to give back to the families that we serve

We will always be soliciting donations from those who have the means to help us in this journey. These scholarships are funds used to assist families in paying for services. You may choose a one-time gift or a pledge that extends over time.

If you would like to donate by check or money order, please make your check payable to:

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Diversified Intervention Group

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Thank you. We appreciate your support in our fight. Please check with your tax and legal advisers when planning your charitable gift