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Fundraising to help families in need

The Diversified Intervention Group (DIG) is able to offer partial scholarships to families for professional intervention services through grants, private donations as well as many Fundraising Events that we organize through the efforts of volunteers.

The purpose of this page on our website is to give the public an idea of some of the ways that we raise funds for partial scholarships for families who are less fortunate and have someone in them who is addicted to alcohol and/or drugs. DIG’s Board of Directors plans fundraising events once every quarter.

One of the ways that we generate funds to help families is to produce professional career advancement opportunities for Clinicians. Diversified Intervention Group has been given the distinct honor by CAADAC/CFAAP to be the first non profit organization ever to offer the new IS-E Endorsement to currently certified Drug and Alcohol Counselors and licensed professionals. DIG’s CEU Provider # is: 2C-12-176-1214.

We need donors to sponsor students who wish to learn and advance themselves. Please let us know if you would like to sponsor a student in his or her education process by going to our Donate page.

DIG is known as a trusted resource when it comes to either Mental Health & Chemical Dependency services. Call 855-222-1101 to speak with a Clinician

If you are interested in helping us fight this never ending battle, please see our Donate page to make a tax deductible, charitable donation.

Fundraising Products

We offer our Intervention DIY manual and our Codependency DIY manuals for sale. Sales from these items help subsidize the general costs of running the foundation. Look to the right sidebar on this page to find info on purchasing our manuals.