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Google has supported The Diversified Intervention Group with online donations since 2011. You can too!

For Community Service Volunteers working on hours:

Google loves this non profit and it’s mission of helping family members of alcoholics nationwide with 100% free therapy via tele-health services. Your friends can pick their favorite cause!

Since late 2011, The Diversified Intervention Group has been supported by Google.com. This is a perpetual grant award each month. Google has been gracious enough to invite us into their One Today program and we are asking for your help. Please request from your friends & family on social media to donate $1 to your favorite cause below. Click your favorite link below to read specific details for each.

Community Service & Volunteer workers

If you have been sent this page via email as part of your Community Service & Volunteering hours, then please copy & paste the following links that are hosted on Google’s servers with your friends & family on your social media program of your choice. You will get credit for the time that you send in this process. This is an honor system program. When you click on a link you will see that many others have donated to support The Diversified Intervention Group via Google:

Crowd Funding Concept. Button on Modern Computer Keyboard with Word Partners on It.

Crowd Funding Concept. Button on Modern Computer Keyboard with Word Partners on It.
You too can help us and get your hours completed by crowd fundraisers!
Get started today.
Minor In Posession (MIP) Classes

1. If you know someone who is Alcoholic then please Click Here.

2. If you know someone who has suffered from Prostate Cancer then please Click Here.

3. If you know someone who is taking regular Dialysis treatments please Click Here.

4. Do you know someone who suffers from Major Depression? Please Click Here.

5. Do you know someone who wants to or needs to quit smoking cigarettes, then please Click Here.

6. Do you LOVE animals (doggies)? Please Click Here.

7. Here is a great PTSD program to support. Please Click Here.

8. Do you know a kid (teenager) who may have a drug or alcohol problem? Please Click Here:

9. Cognitive Therapy for Children: please Click Here:

10. Do you know someone who is in severe Grief now, then please Click Here:

11. Do you support gay marriage?, then please Click Here:

12. Do you know someone w Leukemia/Cancer?, then please Click Here:

Our online Community Service and Volunteer program works by an honor system. That means that if you say that you have spent 2 hours posting links, we will give you credit for working those hours. God sees all of our daily activities. We appreciate your support of The Diversified Intervention Group.

Please email digspecialist2@hotmail.com if you need help copying & pasting the above links. We are always happy to help you.