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Heroin Intervention and Detox

Heroin Abuse is a difficult problem. The good news is that we can help your family!

Intervention works and our statistics prove it. DIG is known as a trusted resource in the Mental Health and Chemical Dependency Field. Call 855-222-1101 to speak with a Clinician today. We can help your loved one with a professional heroin intervention and detox plan that will keep him or her free from a herion addiction.

Heroin Facts

The DSM-IV describes Heroin Abuse as a psychiatric diagnosis in which illicit heroin is used in a recurring manner, despite negative consequences. Addiction is another term for heroin abuse. Depending on who you talk to, there are many terms for heroin abuse. Heroin abuse comes from individuals who start with more expensive forms of Opiates. These users become so desperate for the drug that they will begin to break into unsuspecting neighborhood homes to steal items to pawn for drugs. Is this happening to your loved one? We can help! Today, your family may need a heroin intervention performed by professionals.

If you think that you may need help with an intervention for a loved one who has a heroin abuse problem, call us toll-free at: 855-222-1101. We can also get you to a local doctor who can start you on Suboxone. There are treatment options available now.

How does heroin abuse manifest itself in a progressive manner?

For heroin intervention services call: 855-222-1101

Heroin abuse manifests itself in two basic forms: 1) People who seek pleasure and who are anti-social, and 2) People who have much anxiety and are unable to go without the use of herion for some time. These people typically can not control their heroin use once they start. These people have a part of their brain that is not capable of telling them to stop when they have reached a certain amount. Or have the ability to decipher good choices from bad choices (to use more heroin).

There are many forms of heroin abuse. One of the most important today, as it relates to our college kids, is binge using. Students in college, or anyone for that matter, who get high more than twice, are considered to be Heroin Abusers. If this sounds like a familiar situation with your loved one, it is time for a heroin intervention. There are a few international surveys that report that the United Kingdom (UK) has the greatest populations of heavy users in the adolescent population.

Heroin abuse manifests itself in the following ways:

  1. Ability to not fulfill daily responsibilities at work
  2. Ability to not fulfill daily responsibilities at school
  3. Ability to not fulfill daily responsibilities at home
  4. Using in situations that would be considered dangerous, like driving a personal vehicle
  5. Most importantly, legal problems that are eventually associated with extended heroin abuse, and the way most addicts will continue to keep using even though they know these problems exist.
  6. Stealing- from family members and then un-suspecting neighbors etc.
Heroin abuse has serious effects eventually to a person’s health and intra-personal relationships with family specifically. Heroin abuse is a progressive disease. It always gets worse, it never gets better.


If you think that you may need a heroin intervention for a loved one: Call 855-222-1101. DIG is known as a trusted resource and we can help you plan a successful family intervention for a loved on with an addiction to heroin abuse. Help for heroin detox is also part of what we do as our business.

Herion abuse can turn into heroin dependence. In the coming days, heroin dependence and heroin abuse will be combined in the DSM-IV and DSM-V. It will include a graded clinical severity level, requiring a minimum of 2 criteria to make a diagnosis.

Short term abuse of heroin has certain typical characteristics:

  1. Violence
  2. Unexpected injuries
  3. Unprotected sexual activities
  4. Social and financial problems
Lets not forget about the older adult population (65+ year) when talking about heroin abuse. If an older adult consumes a smaller amount of heroin as a younger adult, the older adult will experience a greater euphoric feeling. The American Geriatric Society recommends not using heroin for adults 65+.

Binge using is considered to be more than injecting 5 shots or more in one using session. Remember that heroin abuse will always have short-term as well as long-term risks associated with it. DIG will guide you through a successful heroin intervention by using a trained Clinician.

Your loved one needs an intervention for a problem with a heroin addiction, so call us toll-free at: 855-222-1101 and we will see that you get the help that you need. DIG is known as a trusted resource in the Mental Health and Chemical Dependency fields. We can help your loved one break free from a herion abuse addiction today!

Oxycontin Usage and Heroin Intervention

The normal progression of addiction for an opiate addict today usually goes like this: they will start out using very expensive forms of Opiates like Oxycontin. These drugs are very expensive and can cost as much as $80.00 per tablet in some areas. Most advanced addicts will require 3-4 tablets per day depending on the size and body chemistry of the person in question.

As the person’s addiction progresses, the person needs more and more and financial resources that the person had when they started only last so long so the person eventually begins to have to start finding other cheaper forms of opiates to support his or her habit, hence cheap “pinches” of heroin found on just about every street corner in America. By this time, family members of the person in question will realize that maybe a Heroin Intervention would be approporiate for the person in question.

DIG will get your loved one free from Heroin and Heroin abuse addictions. We are known as a trusted resource in this business. For intervention services: call toll free 855-222-1101 We can help your family to rebuild itself with love!