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2015 ISPAI Certification Overview

ENDORSEMENT OVERVIEW- ISPAI’s Certified Interventionist (CI) Certification

PREMISE: Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselors, other Addiction Professionals and Preventionists must have a way to identify the type of work they do when marketing their credential. They have worked very hard to become certified. Certifications provide the ability to take full advantage of the specialized education, knowledge and experience that addiction professionals have achieved. As such, we are now providing counselors with the option of adding to their current counselor certification.

ISPAI believes this approach will provide addiction professionals the recognition of special skills and knowledge beyond their current certification; thereby, making counselors more marketable in this highly-specialized industry.

The certification program is only available to Alcohol/Drug Certified Counselors (Level I/II) OR equivalent, Certified Clinical Supervisor, Certified Criminal Justice Addiction Professionals, and Certified Prevention Specialists. Candidates applying for an endorsement must attain one of the aforementioned certifications or equivalent prior to applying for a specialty endorsement. Additionally, the applicant must provide documentation of their current certification (in good standing), the required education and experience per ISPAI certification requirements and the application process.

SCOPE OF SERVICE: An endorsement is a based on specific attainment of specialized education and experience. The education and experience required for an ISPAI certification does not supersede or replace the knowledge, skills or tasks required in alcohol and drug abuse certification(s). The focus and scope of the specialty must be specific to the treatment or prevention of substance abuse or dependence disorders only. Certification does not constitute, allow or support separate clinical practice and does not substitute for or replace the required Alcohol and Drug Counselor Certification regulations or requirements.

EXPERIENCE: Each certification requires a minimum of 1 year (2000 hours) of verifiable experience within the specialty the applicant is applying for in addition to the required education. The experience attained must have been received within the preceding 10 years. ISPAI has indentified in the past that this experiential requirement has been a stumbling block for many interventionists wanting to get certified. ISPAI has developed a cost-effective solution for this problem. We will be offering mock family intervention settings for people to get this portion of the requirement completed in a reasonable amount of time.

RENEWAL: CAADAC/ISPAI requires that candidates applying for certification receive a minimum of (6) hours in continuing education units (CEUs)specifically related to the attained specialty endorsement every two (2) years with certification (your certification renewal date will be aligned with your current certification renewal date. (These hours may also be used toward other related certification continuing education unit requirements.)

CODE OF ETHICS: The candidate is solely responsible and required to uphold their code of ethics/conduct and scope of practice of their certification. The certification documentation including all signed documents and certification requirements become a part of the applicant’s permanent certification file. Expired, loss, suspended or revoked certification automatically removes the specialty endorsement. The Code of Ethics will be given to you to study once you register and pay for your training session.