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James’ Electronic Music Festival and Molly

Essay 1

I entered an electronic music festival in hopes of creating positive memories with new and old friends alike. I went to a stage to see the artist Burn Unit ahead of my girlfriend and her friends who were waiting for a friend in line for tickets to the show. I realized once I got to Burn Unit that I had forgotten my cell phone and needed to return back to the front entrance of the festival to wait for my girlfriend to come in with my phone. I remember walking by people with a blanket in my hand, smiling at colorful groups of people who passed by, all dressed head to toe with wild and remarkable outfits. I laid my blanket down in front of the entrance, crossed my legs and sat pleasantly as I continued to enjoy the presence of all these beautiful people who surrounded me. An older woman dressed head to toe like the Queen of Hearts from Alice and Wonderland, wearing black sunglasses approached me and asked if I needed a friend. I responded with enthusiasm, “of course!”, as she sat down next to me on my blanket. We talked for a while, she watched my blanket as I got beer for us to share, and even let me use her cellphone to reach my girlfriend and let her know I was waiting for her. This woman seemed very nice. But it wasn’t until later that I would find out a different side to this woman whom had been sitting next to me, befriending me, tricking me into believing she was something she wasn’t.

Essay 2

“Someone stole my blanket!”, I shouted to the woman dressed like the queen of hearts. We had sat up only for a moment before some person stole the blanket I was sitting on. I ran frantically around the area looking for someone with it, but with no luck returned empty handed. She looked shocked that someone took it, as was I. Confused and upset about the situation, I shook it off and continued to wait for my girlfriend to enter the building and enjoyed the company of the new friend, who not to mentioned helped me in running around and looking for my blanket. Forty-five minutes total had passed with the “friend” who sat next to me. I say “friend” now because what happened next would change my life drastically for the following years.

I had brought in some extra MDMA(molly), not with the intent to sell it to other people in a malicious money hungry way, but to perhaps enhance the experience of a new friend… Like her… So I offered her some of my extra molly with a kind heart as she had been so nice to help me track down the blanket assailant as well as let me use her phone to try and contact my girlfriend. She said she would love some, and we waited for my girlfriend to enter the building with the molly.

Essay 3

I finally saw my girlfriend getting close to the front of a very long line, and nothing short of excitement was in the air. We were ready to get down with our new “friend” and dance like our lives depended on cutting up that asphalt to shreds. She finally got through the long line and gave me a huge hug as well as the new “friend” a hug as well. She then gave me the molly and I went into the bathroom to dumped some into some cellophane to give to the Queen. I ran back up to my girlfriend and the Queen “friend” and gave her the baggy and she gave me some money for it. And within two seconds of giving this woman a hug I was in handcuffs.

In shock of what was happening to me I tried to fight off the people putting the cuff of me, wriggling and thrashing to try and escapee the hands baring all over my body to stop me from escaping. I did not want to get in trouble, i just came to have fun and to spend time with friends. I wasn’t there for money, or to harm any person at all. But regardless of my intentions, the law enforcement and the event promoters had different outcomes in mind for the attendees of Beyond Wonderland Bay Area.

Having been arrested and had a potentially amazing day been ruined by drugs, it makes you think of your actions and how you affect yourself and others. It is truly important to be mindful of your actions and to abide by the law, because it only takes one situation like this to change your life forever.

Have you had a similar experience? Go ahead and comment on this post by James. We appreciate your support and likes for The Diversified Intervention Group. This post was submitted 02-05-2016 by volunteer James and Sarah as they work off their Community Service hours.