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Kim’s Story of Shoplifting at Walmart

Written by Kim D.

I was made to do community service because I was caught shoplifting at a Walmart.

Once I made my court date I was given the opportunity deferment to  help myself  and others by giving my free time in order to make up for my wrong doing. There is not one real reason that can explain why I shoplifted as I am a very complicated and not completely easily understood person. since

I have not been able to follow the linear path I once believed I would. Over the years I have suffered from various mental and physical illnesses that had were diagnosed later than I wished they had been and as such it has been a while since I have been able to hold a steady job which has left me bereft of any sort of solid income that has left my mind frazzled and freaked.

Although it has been a terrible ordeal on the surface I believe that this is a real turning point in my life as it has inspired me to go back to therapy which I stopped doing last year. A part of the reason I shoplifted is to hurt myself because a bit of myself wishes to inflict self-harm and if it is not going to be to my body it then settles on hurting my mind.

During the time I have been made to do community service I have been forced to talk to people and interact with the outside world which has lately been a very rare occurrence for me and has helped me feel better about being out of my house.