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Melissa’s Story of Hope


The reason that this happened was due to poor judgement on my part, and a catastrophe that changed my life forever.  My mom had a tumor on her spine that was missed by doctors and then later burst, leaving her a paraplegic for the rest of her life.  I was told by family that I had to trade in my new vehicle {which was cosigned by my mother for me):  I had to trade it in and get a vehicle in my own name.
I was dating someone I truly loved, another poor taste in judgement in a man that convinced me to purchase a 2015 Chevy Camaro road and track, my sister co-signed for me, and was then told that my boyfriend would refinance under his name once we moved to the Cape.  He did not do this, he lost his job,  I became homeless and was living out of the car in a short time after we moved. My family was furious with me, as
I was Mother’s caregiver 24/7 before this and felt I needed to have my own life. I told her to get it all in writing and drawn up by an attorney before we left, and she refused.  I moved too soon as I was feeling the pressures of controlling siblings and felt I had no other choice. We had been in contact with the financial department regarding the new car, and was unable to keep our arrangements.
My brother called and asked for the car to be returned, and I was forced to hang up the phone without final reply.  My sister reported the car stolen and they came and repossessed the car, leaving me homeless, jobless and in a place where I knew no one.  I am shocked I survived. Life for me since has not been easy, and I am still unsettled, trying to find normalcy after being estranged from everyone except my mother and one brother occasionally.

Morals of the Story

 Morals of the Story?  1) Never trust people to do what they say. 2) Never think in a catastrophe that your family will pull together, most don’t. 3) Be thankful for everything you have, no matter how little. 4) See people for who they really are, and not as you were raised to believe. “People are generally good… “See the good in people”.  That today, is simply not true. I am and will remain eternally sorry…
I am no longer with the abusive boyfriend and have lost everything. But, the most painful is losing my family forever….