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The Diversified Intervention Group

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You can trust our Therapists – Google does

The Diversified Intervention Group was founded in early 2010. In late 2011, we were given a nice monthly grant by Google to help us build our brand throughout the US. In 2014, Google increased our monthly award amount significantly because we had proven to them, via statistics, that we deserved this increase, which helps us to strengthen the DIG brand across the United States. We are proud of this accomplishment. When you get a reward of this nature from a company like Google.com it says a lot about the work that you are doing.

Our therapists are the best in the industry: kind, patient and knowledgeable in their fields of expertise. If Google trusts them by showing strong financial support then you can trust your family’s special needs with us too. Our only goal is to help your loved one to feel better and we will make very effort to succeed in that venture.

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The Diversified Intervention Group works with many types of Behavioral Health issues each day. We get calls from all across the United States. We provide counseling and therapy to those who ask for help. We provide counseling & therapy 100% free to all callers today.