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Ms. Shoffler’s Brush w DUI

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The Diversified Intervention Group gets many people participating in their Online Community Service program each month. One of the tasks that they perform to complete Court-Ordered Community Service is to write 250 word essays about what happened is their lives to cause them to get Community Service. The following is Ms. Shoffler’s experience with a DUI.

Our goal by publishing these great writings is to hopefully help others not to make the same mistakes. Please read on:

I am writing this essay to explain why I had to do this community service for Diversified Intervention Group.

About two years ago, my step sister had asked me to go to a party with her in the town where she had graduated from college and I had attended college. We drove there from our home town which is about a half hour away. We ended up starting out at her friends’ houses and apartments. I guess you would call that “pre-gaming”.

We then ended up going out to bars. We went to a bar called The Capitol and The Hardware Bar. This whole time I was under the impression we had somewhere to spend the night so we could drink alcohol and not have to worry about driving back to our hometown. That is what my step sister told me. Something had happened where my step sister lost the place we were supposed to spend the night and she was very drunk. There was no way she could drive home. She was being belligerent and she usually is not like that, that is how I could tell she was very under the influence of alcohol.

I had not drank as much alcohol as she did so I told her I would drive her car so we could get home. She did not tell me her registration had ran out the previous day. We stopped to eat some pizza and then I started to drive us home. There was a cop driving behind us and must have noticed her registration on her car was expired. He then pulled us over. He made me step out of the car, gave me a field sobriety test and gave me a breathalyzer. I ended up blowing a .16 and failing the breathalyzer. He then handcuffed me and took me to the DUI booking center.

I was charged with a DUI that night. As a result of that, I got sentenced to six months of probation, completing a highway safety class, and do 20 hours of community service along with fines and court/probation costs. I have not drank and drove since that night and I never will again!