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Life is a Gift that must be unwrapped for the world to see. Everyone was born to be different and to express there love for life in ways that will make a positive change and transformation, not only in other people lives but in your life as well. The burdens of this world can have a way of keeping us from finding and seeking out the things that are best for us, we become wrapped up in people , places and things that do us more harm then good. With the new year coming around soon lets focus on bringing out the best in ourselves, leaving the old ways of doing things behind and starting fresh . The time is never to late to start to become a positive light in a dark world. We can’t change other people , but we can change ourselves and the way we see the world. Trust me there is so many great things that God has put inside of you but you will never find that out if you don’t take the LEAP of FAITH and make the choice to LIVE LIFE set free from addiction ,hurt , pain, guilt and shame. Make a choice right now to be FREE and FLY allow God to make you NEW AGAIN the change starts today RIGHT NOW. God gave you the greatest GIFT OF ALL THE GIFT OF LIFE.

Merry Christmas,


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