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Thompson’s Shoplifting Experience w Forgiveness

I am writing this letter to express my deepest apologizes for an incident that occurred on 11/16/15.
While my husband was working out of town i thought i would spend some time looking at different stores and browse around.  While looking at clothes and makeup products, i came across a product that i thought i may want to purchase.  I opened the box (make up product) and looked at the shade of color to see if this may look good on me.  While examining, my cell phone rang and it was a perspective buyer from my place of employment.
While taking my phone from my pocket, i inadvertently placed the makeup product in my jacket pocket and continued to talk while exiting the store.  As i was approaching my vehicle, a young security officer from the store stopped me and asked what i had placed in my pocket, at first i was frightened a bit since it was dark and i did not know this person but i gladly replied “nothing” and he informed me that the store had me recorded putting something in my pocket.
I reached in my pocket and my heart sank as i felt the product was in there.  I pulled the product out and apologized thinking this would be the end of it and that i needed to be more careful about my actions in the future.  Unfortunately, it was not the end of it as he asked me to come inside with him.  Although, i was nervous (as i have never been involved in a criminal act) i followed him and i offered to pay for the product.  The young man said that this was not the store policy and they were obligated to call the police.
The police officer arrived and was very polite but he did have to give me a citation for this infraction.  I showed up at the courthouse on time and when i was asked by the Asst. D.A how i would like to plea, i said guilty because regardless of intent, i was guilty.  He offered me an agreement that consisted of a $500 fine and 8 hours community service.  The infraction however would still remain on my record.  Because i never want any criminal offense on my record i asked if there was another way that would take this permanently off of my record.
He then offered that i pay the state $2500 dollars, 8 hours of community service,  and 6 months probation.  While this was a lot of money to pay, i agreed to this option.  I would like to add that i have never and will never condone shoplifting.  I will never say i was a victim as i understand that i did commit this act and like i said above, I take full responsibility for my actions.  I also extend my deepest apologizes to the store and all the time i may have wasted of their employees.
I cannot express enough that my lesson is learned and i want to thank you for allowing me write this  In closing i also am determined to pay more attention to my own actions in the future.
Thank you for your time and understanding,