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Best Practices, Evidence-Based Intervention & Recovery Coaching Training Courses
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2018 Training Course Descriptions

In this industry, education is paramount! You need to be on the top of your game, and ready for your next level of success. We can guide you there. DIG has enlisted only the best PhD educators in the business unmatched by any other programs. Our goal is to help you advance your professional career path today. Our instructors are kind, patient and knowledgeable. They will help you to understand difficult topics relating to complex behavioral health topics that will be presented in our courses. Call today to sign up: 800-919-4546

Learn to become a Clinical Interventionist, Recovery Coach or train to become a Life Coach. We teach a major emphasis on professional ethics. Our courses are offered in two formats:

  • 1. Online via our virtual classroom webinar or
  • 2. In-person classes in Toledo, Ohio. All classes provide state approved CEs.


The courses and certifications offered by The Diversified Intervention Group are the best around. All courses are Evidence Based and Best Practices Models taught by licensed PhD level Therapists. Our comprehensive training packages are approved by CAADAC & CFAAP. Our Educational Provider Number: 2C-12-176-1214. All CEUs are transferable to all states and can be used in conjunction with any of our courses offered.


DIG is a preferred partner at Guidestar.org. We train dozens of new people each year.

Training Course Cost

All courses are $999 + $65.00 for the course manual = $1,064.00

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About Clinical Interventionist Training

We train dozens of people each year. Call today.

We train dozens of people each year. Call today.

Do you have the gift to help people get into rehab or detox and turn their lives around? You are probably in recovery yourself and have a true desire to help people and learn how to get them the assistance they need in the most ethical, easy way possible. Then we have your answer!Our trained PhD level educators can teach you how to master the art of intervention. We focus on clinical and detox assessment, family system dynamics, case management aspects, crisis interventions, placements, networking and outreach, methodology and planning and execution.

Our courses will explore all the various models of intervention available and how to properly utilize the best techniques for your client that will be the most effective. We utilize the exclusive models that will assist all clients and allow you a higher success rate for placing people into treatment.

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We utilize role play and we will address several styles of mock interventions, dealing with aggressive clients, out of control clients, clients in the Criminal Justice system and the upper elite/wealthy client along with handling unique and stressful family situations. When to say no to a client and how to terminate the relationships will be addressed.

Body language, placement in family interventions and what to say and not to say are very important. We cover it all. We teach all styles of intervention: confrontational, invitational & family systems models. Prepare for an intense class that will leave you equipped for your professional career with so much information gathered from our years of experience in the industry.

We provide all the documents you need to effectively run a business including contracts, assessment for detox, duty to warn and confidentially agreements. A working knowledge of the family systems concept and how to be effective at both Family and Individual Interventions will be learned.

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Professional Recovery Coach Training

We teach you just how to deal with aggressive clients, out of control clients, clients in the Criminal Justice system and the upper elite/wealthy client. Handling unique and stressful family situations will also be discussed in detail. Our instructors will teach you when to say no to a client and how to terminate the relationship. More in depth role play and unique and individual exercises that you can use with your clients to strengthen their sobriety and your work.

Participants will gain a basic understanding of how to work with a client in various settings: rehabs, homes, halfway houses. Participants will understand all ethical considerations and boundaries of clients that need to be respected and honored in the course of working with them. Marketing yourself and billing clients will be touched upon in this course. Passive and active listening and confidentiality issues will be addressed. We will discuss HIPPA issues, the 12 steps and meeting attendance and how to maintain your own sanity and sobriety while dealing with a difficult client, male or female. Our goal is to help you to advance your professional career today.

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Life Coaching Training

Having the ability to be a good Life Coach or a great Life Coach is up to you. We teach you specific concepts so that you can become great. Our instructors will help you to define your best professional abilities. We are professional educators that currently teach at Walden University.

Life Coaching participants understand and explore core (near-causal) thinking and break through deep physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual blocks to their own success. We teach core competencies in Life Coaching. You and your instructor will select a coaching discipline or major from 8 primary Life Coaching fields. Based on your selection, you’ll then enter a focused program to develop your Life Coaching expertise in that specific area.

Our instructors will teach you specific transformational Life Coaching skills that help you get to the core of clients’ belief systems, challenge their paradigms, shift their energy, and open up infinite new possibilities. You’ll also learn foundational theory process and application to move clients forward with clear next steps to form well-thought out plans and hold them accountable to the progress they want to make. This course is a specialized learning course designed to help you succeed now. Not in years from now. Our professional instructors are kind, patient, knowledgeable and courteous.

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