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2017 DOT/SAP Substance Abuse Training

Do you need DOT-SAP Behavioral Health courses now..?

The Diversified Intervention Group has assembled the most comprehensive training(s) available today, bar none. We train students according to Best Practices, Evidence Based material by NAADAC standards. We offer Intervention training, Recovery Coach training and Life Coach training in the areas of DOT and SAP. These addiction training programs are the best. Get your certification today! Call today for more info: 800-919-4546

The best DOT/SAP PhD educators in the country

The Diversified Intervention Group employs the most experienced PhD level educators in the United States. They are patient with students when they have questions and take the time needed to ensure that each student comprehends complex behavioral and mental health concepts during each training.

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We will give you all of the necessary course material to pass your state’s testing sufficiently. Our PhD level educators have been working in the DOT/SAP specialty fields for more than 15 years. Our goal is to make sure that you learn the material in a calm learning environment.

Personalized DOT/SAP One-on-One Training

We offer very personalized one-on-one training courses for those busy professionals who like to have personal instruction to help understand difficult concepts in the Mental Health and Addiction related fields of study. Our instructors are patient and courteous and will make sure that you understand each topic thoroughly to ensure that you will pass your state test successfully. No other similar training program offers this kind of personal care with its students like The Diversified Intervention Group will for you. Call today to get registered: 800-919-4546

Training Course Cost

All training courses are now $999 Taught by PhD therapists.

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The printed training course manual is an extra $65.00

DOT/SAP Evidence-Based, Best Practice Courses

Our training courses were written by DOT/SAP professionals who have been working in the field for many years. The material included in the training is 100% Evidence-based, best practices.

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Training Course Objectives

For the DOT-SAP portion of the training, the online experience will be electric and alive with learning. You will participate in actual mock interventions so you will get a real feel for a true family setting and learn how to react to many different situations. Students will learn the following skills:

  1. Evaluation of the proper clinical approach
  2. Analysis of which model of intervention is appropriate
  3. Clinical problem solving in unexpected situations
  4. Learn how to understand the psychology underlying complex family systems
  5. Much, much more!

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For more information about Recovery Coaching Training – Click Here

Basic DOT-SAP Mental Health Training included in these courses

Our courses include an introduction to the basics of mental health disorders such as Codependency, mood disorders, alcoholism as well as Codependent disorder associated problems that you will see when working with families and family members. Our goal is to help you to begin to understand the basic clinical aspects of mental health and commonly seen disorders when working with family members, addicts, alcoholics and people who suffer from all types of compulsive behaviors.

The printed course manual includes the basics to begin to give you a good understanding of mental health dysfunction and how it relates to addictions. Mental Health disorders and addictions go together with most alcoholics today that we see. This course places heavy emphasis on all major mental health topics.

For more information call Toll Free: 800-919-4546