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Drug and Alcohol Counselor Training Course

The Diversified Intervention Group offers chemical dependency counselor training that will prepare you to meet the education requirements to be a licensed/certified substance abuse counselor in the state where you work and live. If you are not doing distance learning then you are falling behind today’s game.

drug & alcohol counselor training courses

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Graduates of our program become effective, successful counselors and find jobs in a field with many employment opportunities. Our instructors are IC & RC approved so you can transfer to major colleges and universities after becoming certified.

How does distance learning work?

Distance learning is here now. All of us have busy schedules. Is it not much easier to get your education from the comfort of your home or office? Of course it is! We make it easier than it has ever been. Here are the simple steps to becoming a drug and alcohol professional counselor:

  1. Call us at: 800-919-4546
  2. Pay for the course
  3. Complete the course material with our instructor
  4. Take your state test

Forget about all of the other requirements from the others. We streamline the information to you in an effort to help you advance your career fast! There is no need to have to finance yourself into about 10 years worth of debt. Just call us today and with one easy payment of $3,825.00 you can learn all of the material much faster and more efficiently today.

How much does it cost?

Our drug and alcohol counselor training courses are comprehensive courses. The cost is $3,500.00 for the complete course including the instructor. There is an additional $325 for the books and shipping to your home or office.

The total price for the Drug and Alcohol Counselor training course is $3,825.00. The course can be completed in about 1-2 months depending on how much you apply yourself to the material presented.

Forget all of those “other” schools that want to charge you 16k-24k! We have the same material and we make it more convenient for you to get the course done in just a couple of months working with a personalized instructor who actually does care about your success.

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More details about the Drug & Alcohol Counselor Training Courses

The Diversified Intervention Groups professional training is accepted for certifications and licenses across the country, including LCDC, CADAC, CASAC, CADP and many others. We set the standard for excellence in the distance learning education field today.

Our comprehensive curriculum focuses on all aspects of chemical dependency, including drug & alcohol counseling techniques, the function and responsibilities of a drug & alcohol case manager, family needs and recovery issues, training in intervention techniques and facilitation, dual diagnosis treatment, adolescent drug abuse services and counseling, adult children of alcoholics needs and services, sexual addiction education, eating disorders education, relapse prevention and ethics. This course includes so much material:

  • Professional Ethics
  • Different Types of Interventions and how they apply
  • Case Management Techniques
  • Clinical Counseling Skill Sets
  • Alcoholism
  • Codependency Training (a course within a course)
  • Patient Modeling

We have spent many years developing the most comprehensive Drug & Alcohol Counselor Training Course available today. Do not let yourself get into 10 years or more of debt because what would be the point of learning new skills only to have to make 10 years or more worth of payments to some over-priced school? Call us today and get started within the next 30 days: 800-919-4546

What other industry professionals are saying

“I have know the educators at DIG for the last few years and they are teaching good material at affordable prices”

Elena E, Therapist

“These training courses for Drug & Alcohol Counselor certification are great because distance learning is where everyone is at now”

Denise C, Psy D