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We are known as a trusted resource for training.

We are known as a trusted resource for training.

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The Diversified Intervention Group spends hundreds of hours interviewing and selecting the most professional trainers available today. We scrutinize their credentials and double check their references so that we are sure we hire only the best instructors in the country to give you the most valuable education experience for your money today. We take into account in our decision making process the fact that if we were in your shoes (as a student), we would want to learn these specialized skills from someone who is knowledgeable, patient and kind.

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Dan is an accomplished professional instructor fo DIG

Dan is an accomplished professional instructor fo DIG

Mr. White is a Department of Transportation Substance Abuse Professional and a licensed addiction counselor both locally and internationally with IC & RC. He is a very patient, quiet man and has worked in addictions 16 years and has completed a Master’s Degree in Pastoral and Professional counseling. This is coupled with experience gained from 16 years working with addictions/forensic clients and DOT offenders. He loves teaching Recovery Coaching, Drug & Alcohol Counseling,Intervention and DWI courses to people who wish to learn those skills here at The Diversified Intervention Group.

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Dan performs SAP work and provides educational/treatment pieces for referral sources. Additionally, he has worked in other fields that have added to his knowledge. Also, he has worked in the following fields: Private Investigator, Under-Cover Narcotics Agent, with CPD & Justice Department’s Caribbean Gang Task Force, a military officer, molecular geneticist, chemical reactor operator and those jobs have been incorporated into my teaching today. Dan worked with addictions including codependency and co-addictions when he was first certified and later licensed. Dan works regularly with under Dr. William Mock and also James R. Columbro.

Dan has been in the field since 1997. While, at Cleveland State University, he was involved in the mapping of the genome of the Mitochondria of the Giardia, a binucleate parasitic organism. He loved doing molecular genetic research but had to turn his talents into the field of teaching addiction courses for Diversified Intervention Group. His time as the Chair for the Consumer Advisory Council to the Alcohol and Drug Services Board of Cuyahoga County was spent in making the public more aware of the true nature of addiction and the successful treatments available to the alcoholic and addict not to mention the codependents that were a result of the addiction of someone in their lives. As a council, we lobbied for better quality treatment and education for all involved.

Today, Dan loves his work teaching our students DWI courses, Intervention Courses and others. He is very calm, quiet and patient teacher. It is easy to learn from him and easy to respect him. Call us today to get started training now: 800-919-4546

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