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Minor In Possession Online Course

Minor In Posession (MIP) Classes

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Has your young son or daughter under the age of 21 been arrested for DUI DWI..? Has your court system mandated that they take alcohol classes? We are here to help your family! The educators at The Diversified Intervention Group are specialists who talk with family members every day about alcohol and illicit drug abuse offenses. We design DUI DWI classes specially for minors. These courses are available only with a parent’s written and/or verbal consent.

Available Minor In Possession (MIP) Classes & Cost

Minor in Possession (MIP) Classes

8 Hour Level 1 Minor in Possession (MIP) Class $179.00

12 Hour Level 2 Minor in Possession (MIP) Class $199.00

16 Hour Level 2 Minor in Possession (MIP) Class $199.00

20 Hour Level 2 Minor in Possession (MIP) Class $199.00

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We process through Paypal and we can email you the course manual so there are no long downloads! You can begin today. We make it simple for you to work at your own pace! The course work is available to you 24 hours a day. We supply you with progress reports and email you a nice, professionally designed certificate of completion once you have finished your hours to take to the court.

**These courses are most likely not approved for California DUI residents. It is your responsibility to check with your local P.O. or court to ensure that online courses are in fact acceptable. Most states will accept online courses like ours because alcohol education is our business. We accept Paypal and major Credit Card payments for the courses. All courses must be paid in full before you begin.

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We have specialized in alcohol intervention and education services since 2010. We offer full a spectrum of 100% online DUI DWI courses by top educators in the country. Our instructors are licensed in the states that they work in to provide you with professional classes that will satisfy your court/judge requirements now.

Topics Covered in Class

drug & alcohol counselor training courses

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There is a long list of topics covered in this standard class. For example, you will be learning about the following:

  • Patterns and problems of alcohol and drug use & why they occur
  • What can happen to you if you abuse drugs or alcohol
  • Facts on what alcohol and drug use costs society
  • How to handle your stress and emotions w/o using alcohol & drugs
  • Learning about how communicating and working on your relationship can help you recover and prevent relapse
  • How to manage negative outcomes associated with alcohol use
  • What to do under peer pressure to drink/use drugs

All you need to get started is a computer and Internet access. This online drug and alcohol awareness program will automatically remember where you left off, meaning you can sign in and out in accordance to your own personal schedule.

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How our DUI DWI Education Training Works For You

Our DUI DWI school was engineered according to exactly what the court system requirements are. Our classes allow you to complete your court ordered requirements in a much more convenient environment. Your own home!

Our programs are available 24/7 anywhere that you can access the internet. You choose the start times and with your instructor’s help, design a class schedule that fits into your work schedule. You can work at your own pace with your instructor’s approval. Our instructors and courteous and patient. They will make sure that you meet your court’s requirements in the time that you need. DUI DWI classes are sometimes hard to get finished on time. We will help you to comply in accordance with your needs.

Certificate of Completion

Upon completing any of the classes, you will be e-mailed (at no extra charge) a certificate showing your successful course completion. Your certificate will state that you’ve successfully completed a drug and/or alcohol awareness class. Though this certificate is sent e-mail within 2-3 days, you do have the option of upgrading to receive your certificate overnight.

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