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Diversified Intervention Group-

Best Practices, Evidence-Based Intervention & Recovery Coaching Training Courses
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Diversified Intervention Group

presents the following professional development training in a one of a kind Intervention best practices, evidence-based training program. We now offer all classes at your convenience via webinar:

Evidence Based, Best Practices Training Programs

Have you dreamed of helping others and getting paid for it? Have you wanted to become an interventionist and assist others in staying sober and living a more productive and happy life? Then this Intervention Training Program is for you!

Our courses are written by industry professionals who follow evidence-based, best practices standards of education and learning.

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What will you learn?

Our Professional Training Courses will teach you to prepare for difficult clients and various situations. You will learn: Coping Skills, Life Skills, Accessing Community Supports, Relapse Prevention, Goal Setting, Basic Chemistry, Pharmacology, Nutrition, Fitness, Yoga and Meditation techniques that can assist with Post Acute Withdrawal and life ventures. Passive verses Active Listening and confidentiality issues will be addressed.

Sign up today for this comprehensive Recovery Coaching course before all seats are taken by others!

Sign up today for this comprehensive Intervention and/or Recovery Coaching course before all seats are taken by other people!
You will gain an understanding of how to work with a client in various settings: rehabs, homes, halfway houses, offices, on location etc. All ethical considerations and boundaries of clients that need to be respected and honored in the course of working with them will be taught and HIPAA federal regulations will be discussed. Contracts, billing and collecting payment and how to adequately market yourself to make the most of your career will be discussed and investigated in this course.


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This dynamic and interactive training will afford you the following:

  1. *Increase your Income
  2. *Learn a new career
  3. *Make yourself more marketable
  4. *Add new credentials to your resume
  5. *Expand your clientele base
  6. *Travel and have more free time

Training Course Cost

All Alcohol & Drug Intervention and Recovery Coaching training courses are now $999

There is an extra $65.00 for the printed training manual.

Diversified Intervention Group is known as a trusted resource in the industry. Get your training scheduled today. For more details: 800-919-4546

Recovery Coaching Training

If you are looking for training for Recovery Coaching: Click Here

Addictions Training

Our instructors will teach you hands-on techniques that you can use in real life situations. Our team has performed hundreds on successful interventions and you will get the value of all of that knowledge, experience and time working in the chemical dependency and mental health fields.

So give us a call today and get your career off to a new start!