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Diversified Intervention Group

Call 786-245-4067 to reach Serenity Vista directly.

Call 786-245-4067 to reach Serenity Vista directly.
Receives many inquiries each year from different treatment centers asking us to send them clients after performing successful interventions. Over the years, we have become very selective who we choose to promote for these services.

Have you considered sending your loved one out of the country for his or her rehabilitation services..? Do you think that this person would have better chances of being able to remain sober if they went out of the country..? Are you looking for a solution that is very affordable..? Could you possibly be looking for a professional solution..? We have an answer for you!

Please call 786-245-4067 and ask for John Derry for all the information

Experienced Leadership Above All

John Derry owns and operates Serenity Vista

John Derry owns and operates Serenity Vista
Founder and Director John Derry is a recognized and highly respected leader in the addiction field. An experienced health professional with complementary degrees in Pharmacy and Addiction, John directed a leading Canadian substance addiction rehabilitation program before shifting focus to Panama’s Serenity Vista. The leadership brings over thirty years of experience helping alcoholics and addicts to Boquete, in the mountains of Panama.

A dedicated team of counselors, facilitators, and holistic therapy practitioners have been assembled to provide you the best recovery program available, with individualized attention to ensure that you receive the best drug and alcohol treatment programs available, at an affordable price.

Serenity Vista located in Boquete, Panama is your answer

Serenity Vista Treatment Center of Boquete, Panama is an exceptional, one-of-a-kind international rehabilitation facility for men and women seeking help with addiction: drug addiction, chemical dependency, alcoholism, and other forms of substance abuse. Among the world’s first class rehabs, our special, pristine location, integrative approach and highly affordable fee structure enable nearly everyone to experience the very best in recovery treatment centers…even those with limited financial means!

Please call 786-245-4067 and ask for John Derry for all the information

With over 30 years of clinical expertise backing our internationally recognized program of recovery, we have merged a variety of treatment styles from some of the world’s finest treatment facilities into something truly amazing. We invite you to experience a level of luxury, expertise and affordability that is second to none! Welcome to Panama’s Serenity Vista Treatment Center!

Serenity Vista is an International Center for Addiction and Treatment & Recovery

Serenity Vista is an affordable, world class, private alcoholism, drug and other addiction holistic rehabilitation center. It is the result of years of Canadian experience, a track record of success, and the gold standard, Hazelden Minnesota Model of Recovery. Panama was carefully chosen as an ideal location for a recovery treatment center. Centrally located in idyllic, tropical beauty, Panama is an international get away destination immersed in nature’s peace and serenity.

Please call 786-245-4067 and ask for John Derry for all the information

Experience the mountainous region of Boquete, land of eternal spring, coffee plantations, and abundant birds and flora. The welcoming, progressive nature of Panama provides the perfect place to offer the best professional and affordable rehab, at only a fraction of the price of major treatment centers in the US and Canada. Panama, in Central America, where the Americas meet, is conveniently accessible by direct flights from many major cities of North and South America, and Europe.

Serenity Vista offers the following amenities:

  • An integrative and customized approach to treatment based on the individual’s specific needs
  • Highly effective treatment for drug addiction, chemical dependency, substance abuse and/or alcoholism
  • A private and luxurious clinical setting with a maximum of 8 client guests at a time
  • Highly experienced staff, backed by over 30 years of treatment expertise
  • An elegant and luxurious rehabilitation residence at a fraction of the cost!
  • A well-rounded holistic treatment experience that prepares the client for “real life” living
  • Varied program lengths, ranging from one to three months
  • A focus on whole life recovery and personal growth from multiple perspectives
  • We approach recovery from multiple avenues: 12-step, holistic & clinical
  • A very sincere and non-institutional treatment experience

The administrators at DIG scrutinize treatment centers, owners of treatment centers, and their philosophies very carefully. We endorse Serenity Vista 100%.

Please call 786-245-4067 and ask for John Derry for all the information